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Driveway Apron Repair Policy

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Driveway Apron Repair Policy


Borough of Naugatuck


Effective Date: 8/30/16




Responsibility - The Department of Public Works (DPW) shall be responsible for the repair of Private Driveway aprons only when the town has modified the adjacent road way, sidewalk or drainage that has caused either damage to the apron, increased runoff down the driveway or a grade that is not acceptable as determined by the DPW.   The DPW may at its own discretion repair or modify aprons when excess drainage running down driveways are affecting property owners other than the driveway owner.  


The Borough will not be responsible install driveway aprons on new houses or when contractors have installed aprons that are deficient or when aprons have deteriorated due to age or other reasons.


CGS Sec. 13a-60 (b) Whenever a driveway requires repairing, reconstructing or relocating as a result of any municipal highway relocation, repair, construction or reconstruction, and there is no taking of private property involved, an official of the municipality where such driveway is located who is charged with highway construction or maintenance duties may enter upon such private property for the purpose of repairing, relocating or reconstructing such driveway. He shall use care that no unnecessary damage shall result and the cost of such repair, relocation or reconstruction and of any damage or injury caused to such property shall be paid by the municipality.


Upon request, the Department of Public Works will review the condition of an apron and perform warranted repairs. 


James R. Stewart P.E. L.S.

Dir. of Public Works


Updated 8/7/2017 12:08 PM
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