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What is required to show proof in order to obtain copy of birth certificate.

Category: Town Clerk
Per State Statute copies of birth certificates are restricted to certain individuals: person who is subject of birth certificate, parent, grandparent, grandchildren or guardian, if minor; spouse or children if over 18. If you lived in Naugatuck when your child was born, it is filed in the Town Clerk's office. You need to come in, fill out the paperwork, and have a valid driver's license. If photo identification is unavailable, originals or photocopies of 2 of the following documents may be substituted: 1. Social Securtiy Card 2. Written verification of identity from employer 3. automobile registration 4. Copy of utility bill showing name and address. 5. Chiecking account deposit slip stating name and address. Full size or wallet size are available. Cost is $15.00 for wallet size and $20.00 for full size.
Updated 8/14/2014 11:19 AM
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