Assessor's Office                   New England GEOSYSTEMS database

Assessor: Shelby P. Jackson,

Assistant to the Assessor: Launa Riley,

Field Inspector: Nancy Mobilio,

Senior Assessment Clerk: Dodie Pinto,

Senior Assessment Clerk: Jane Davison,


Fax: 203-720-7207

Office Hours: 8:30 am - 4:00 pm

The Office of the Assessor is responsible for the valuation of Real Estate, Business Personal Property and Motor Vehicles.

Here in the Office you may find, property field cards, property maps, and Grand Lists for each year from October 1 which list all taxable and exempt property.

You may also find applications for Elderly Tax Relief, 100 % Disability, Additional Veterans Exemption, (a financial requirement), Blind, Local Option Blind, Active duty Veteran and Renters Rebate Applications. Most of these applications can be downloaded from the Borough of Naugatuck web site.

Every two years you must apply for the Elderly /100% Disabled program. You will receive a letter informing you the year that you must apply.

If you wish to view a property on line, please visit , Departments, Assessor, New England GEO Systems Database and enter the address, account number or owner name.

If you are a Veteran of Foreign War, you may be eligible for an assessment exemption. You must file your Honorable Discharge (DD214) Paper with the Naugatuck Town Clerk before September 30, so that you may receive your exemption on next July taxes. If you have received a disability from the Armed Forces, please bring that information to the Assessor, this may entitle you to receive an exemption increase.

Make note: The Board of Assessment Appeals accepts applications every year from February 1 through February 20.

If an extension is granted for the signing of the Grand List., the Board of Assessment Appeals accepts applications from March 1 through March 20.

If we receive a document that shows you are no longer the owner of a vehicle, you may be eligible for an assessment prorate. You must bring the bill of sale, junk receipt, or other document that shows what happened to the vehicle. This document must show the vehicle identification number and date of disposal. You must cancel your registration at CT DMV or on line, or you may receive another tax bill next year.

Carol Ann Tyler CCMA

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