Naugatuck Registrar of Voters

·         Democrat Registrar: Louise Sheedy           email:

o    Deputy: Manny Luzio

·         Republican Registrar: Matthew R Katra      email:

o    Deputy: Richard Pierce

·         Office Admin: Francine Fruin                            email:

·         Phone: (203) 720-7047

·         Address: 229 Church St – 2nd Floor
                 Naugatuck, CT 06770 

Mon-Fri: 09:00AM – 1:00PM    
      *Office Hours subject to change without notice.   If RoV office is not open, please see Louise Sheedy in the Tax Office on the 3rd floor of town hall.


The Department Duties are:

·         Maintain an accurate and up-to-date computerized voter registry

·         Conduct all federal/state, and local elections and primaries within the Borough of Naugatuck

·         Prepare department budgets

·         Select and train all poll workers and other election officials

·         Responsible for voter education and organizing the annual canvass of electors

·         Increase voter registration and participation


Registering & Voting Information

Voter Registration         
Printable Forms:

Voter Registration lookup tool:

             Important Dates and Deadlines
             Important dates including the last day to register, or change or join a party.

Military and Overseas Voting
Useful information for U.S. Citizens living overseas and for voters serving in the Armed Forces and their dependents at

Voting Instructions/Demonstrations
Watch a Voting Demonstrations video on the CT Secretary of the State website

Voter Rights
Voter Rights link to the CT Secretary of the State website.   Read your rights here.

When are elections held
Learn about federal, state, and municipal primaries and general election dates.


2018 Elections


State Primary - Tuesday, August 14th

General Election - Tuesday, November 6th



            Polling Locations in Naugatuck
            Find out where the voting locations are in Naugatuck.
                                - Cross St School               view map
                                - Andrew Ave School         view map
                                - Maple Hill School            view map
                                - City Hill Middle School   view map
                                - Western School              view map
                                - Oak Terrace                    view map
                                - Central Ave School         view map

Where Do I Vote
Lookup your voting location at the CT Secretary of the State website.

            Work at the Polls on Election Day
            Find out how you can become a poll worker on Election Day by calling the Registrar’s office at (203) 720-7047.