Tax Office

Borough of Naugatuck Tax Collector - Jim Goggin 

ALL PAYMENTS can be made online:

We also accept VISA/MASTER CARD/AMERICAN EXPRESS/DISCOVER credit card payments in person. 

All payments by credit card will include a 2.5% service fee. 


Location - 229 Church Street (Town Hall) 3rd Floor 

Tax Office hours 
Monday-Friday 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM. 

Phone: (203) 720-7050 or (203) 720-7051


Tax Bills for the July 1, 2019 installment were mailed on June 29, 2019 and the last day to pay without interest was August 1, 2019. The second half bills are due on January 1 2020 and not late if paid by February 3, 2020. All motor vehicle bills over $300.00 on any single vehicle are split into two payments. One bill was sent in June for all payments. The only billing mailed in December will be motor vehicle supplemental bills for motor vehicles registered between October 1, 2018 and September 30, 2019.


Interest is charged on late payments at the rate of 1.5% per month.   A portion of a month is considered a whole month; interest is not per Diem.    Interest for the month of August 2019 will be 3% on the delinquent installment (due July 1, 2019).   Past due statements on Real Estate and Personal Property Bills will be sent in September, 2019 and then again in February 2020, prior to filing lien continuing certificates in June, 2020.

All payments received with Postmark of August 2, 2019 or later will be considered late and charged interest.

 Warning:  Electronic bill pay and telephone bill pay services may not mail your payment when you expect them to! You use these services at your own risk.  These payments come to us WITHOUT POSTMARK and must be RECEIVED BY US before the last day to pay in order to be considered timely.   Please read the instructions and warnings provided by your own bank before using!


The top of this bill is the second half amount due 1/1/2020. The bottom of this bill is the first payment due 7/1/2019. Total tax is the total of both payments. If tax for a single motor vehicle is greater than $300.00 then the payment can be split into two equal payments. If $0.00 is due in January than total tax is due in July there is no second payment.

Payment Options

1)  Payments can be made on-line or over the phone. The instructions are provided below. (Additional fees will apply)

2)  Payments can be made in Naugatuck Tax Office on the 3rd floor of the Naugatuck Town Hall (M-F 8:30am -4:00pm)

3) Payments made in July or January can be mailed to Ion Bank Lockbox.

                                                                    Naugatuck Tax Collector

                                                                    Department 6070

                                                                    P.O. Box 4110

                                                                    Woburn, MA 01888-4110


4)  Payments can be mailed all year to.          Naugatuck Tax Collector

                                                                    229 Church St

                                                                    Naugatuck, CT 06770


You can look up your tax bills and pay online by clicking the link below.

You can also pay over the phone 1-888-891-6064 choose option 2 to speak with a representative.


Methods of payment include:

E-check -from your bank; $2.00 flat fee

Credit card – MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or Discover; 2.5% service charge $2.00 minimum.

Debit card – Visa; $3.95 flat fee


You can look up you Assessments by clicking the link below.


The mill rate for the 2018 grand list in the Borough of Naugatuck was set at 47.25 for personal property and real estate and 45 mills for motor vehicles.


Please e-mail questions or concerns to or call the Tax Office 203-720-7051


Click here to email the Tax Office.


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