Youth & Family Services

Location: 13 Scott Street, Naugatuck, CT 06770 Phone: (203) 720-5673

The Naugatuck Youth Services is one of the 3 oldest Youth Service Bureaus in the State of Connecticut. Youth Services began operations in July 1970.

Through a myriad of changes in focus, Naugatuck Youth Services has evolved into a highly recognized and well thought family therapy center.

All Clinical Staff are master-level marriage and family therapists. The theoretical foci of Salvadore Minuchin, Jay Haley, the Palazzoli group and the Mental Resea5rch Institute of Palo Alto are used primarily.

Referrals receive prompt attention and the referring source is considered an integral part of the therapeutic system. A flexible sliding scale brings treatment within the financial range of any client.

Why family therapy

There are two suggested reasons for treating all family members when one member is exhibiting symptoms. They are:

Often the person with the symptoms is servings some family function by experiencing the pathology. Perhaps he/she satisfies certain needs in the family relationships by assuming the scapegoat function or by providing focus for family discontent.
Often, when the distressed family member improves, other family members exhibit distress symptoms, or else the family unit finds itself facing dissolution.

This complex network of family relationships demands that specialized treatment oriented toward the interact ional process available.

Who can utilize Naugatuck Youth Services

Any individual, couple, family with children under 18 years.
Community Counseling Centers
Probation Offices
Pupil Personnel Services
School Counselors
Mental Health Professional

When a family needs help

At times of crises:

Family death
Loss of support system

At transition points:

School changes

Chronic pain is present

Psychosomatic illness
Marital unhappiness
Delinquent adolescents
School discipline problem
Drug abuse

At development check-points

Adding family members
Living with adolescents

All of the above, and other situations can put the family under stress. The intervention of a trained family therapist can help to alleviate family pain quickly, safely and effectively.

Distress Signals:

Physical injury to spouse or children
Inability to enforce effective discipline
Substance abuse
Frequent behavior and/or school problems with children
Unproductive and frequent arguing
Exceptional emotional distance on part of any family member
Stealing or shop-lifting
Ritualized behavior
Eating disorders, too much, not enough, food fads, vomiting without a medical cause
Bedwetting beyond developmental limits
Unexplained behavior changes in any family member
Any reference to suicide
Lack of integration of any new family member, (baby, step parent, extended family member)
Family therapy
Marital therapy
Dissolution counseling
Assessment of family dynamics and functioning
Educative and therapeutic groups for parents and couples
Consultations on marital and family cases
Supervision and training of agency staff
Educational programs on family related topics or community organizations, agency staff, religious groups, educational systems

Director: Jane M. Lobdell, M.F.T
Assistant Director: Christina Koch Gamble, M.F.T.
Administrative Assistant: Celia Urbano

Naugatuck Youth Services is a non-profit organization and can accept donations and endowments.

Funded by: Naugatuck Taxpayers, SDE and DMHAS Grants.

Naugatuck Youth and Family Services Bureau Advisory Board

Chairperson: Dr. Geoffrey Drawbridge
Vice chairperson: Jane Walsh
Secretary: John Roman
Borough Board Liaison: Tammath Rossi
Police Liaison: Detective Larry Calhoun
Police Liaison: Detective Greg Dean, Jr.
Board of Education Liaison: Christina Link

Janice Mons
Rev. Marston Price
Sandra Heller
Daniel Bronko
Brendon Heller
Ivonna Rodriguez