Police Commission 

Regular monthly meetings are on the third Tuesday of each month in the Police Training room at the Police Department at 7:00 pm unless otherwise noted.

Agendas and Minutes can be located here:


Stephanie Gunnoud Savoy (R) Regular member, gunnoud@yahoo.com
Steven Smith (R) Regular member, Steve.Smith@omnismith.net
John Manuel Alves (D) Secretary, cciwarden@gmail.com
Ralph Roper, Jr. (D) Chairman, rroper11@hotmail.com
Pedro Pires (D) Vice Chairman, pedro@chittendengroup.com

VACANCY (D) alternate member
VACANCY (D) alternate member
Alfred Rollinson (R) alternate member, AGR2456@gmail.com
Paul E. Singley (U) alternate member, paulsingley1@gmail.com
Mayor N. Warren “Pete” Hess (D), nwhess@naugatuck-ct.gov
Vacancy (X) Burgess liaison