Housing Authority

Regular monthly meetings are on the second Wednesday of each month at rotating sites at 5:00 pm unless otherwise noted. 

Agendas and Minutes can be located from the menu on the left.


Joan B. Taf, Chairperson                                    H 203-729-8732
Helen F. Borbas, Vice Chairperson                    H 203-729-3622                      
Maria Fidalgo, Treasurer                                    H 203-729-7706
Matthew Erickson, Assistant Treasurer              H 203-723-2584                       
Susan Nastri, Tenant Commissioner                  H 203-947-9240

Additional Contacts:

Christine Warren, Executive Director, cwarren@naugatuckhousing.org

Charles P. Marenghi (D) Burgess liaison, cmarenghi@naugatuck-ct.gov

Jan Joseph Mizeski (R) Burgess Liaison, JMizeski@naugatuck-ct.gov

Franklin Pilicy  Attorney                                                      W 860-274-0018
365 Main Street, Watertown, CT 06795                       F 860-274-0061

Housing Authority Office                                           Office Staff Phone:  203-729-8214 Fax 203-729-5181 
16 Ida Street, Naugatuck, CT  06770                            Maintenance Issues:   203-723-0700                       

Public Housing Managers:
Maritza Valentin (Oak Terrace, Robert E. Hutt Congregate)                   203-729-8214 Ext 112
Carmelina Goncalves (George B. Lewis I & II, Lewis Circle)                 203-729-8214 Ext 111  
Resident Service Coordinator Offices:
Congregate 480 Millville Avenue – Lisa O’Connor      Ph 203-723-7125    F 203-723-0299
Oak Terrace-Bldg 20, 53 Conrad St.Alide Selmani, Debbie Kazas   Ph 203-723-9201    F 203-632-8400
George B. Lewis I  (71 Osborn Road)        Karen Tulipani             Ph/Fax  203-720-1431    
George B. Lewis II  (1013 Weid Drive)     Rosalie Johnson            Ph 203-632-8173    F 203-632-5692  


Michael Duffy State of CT Dept Housing                       W 860-566-3329


Please Note:  No applications can be provided nor accepted if waiting list is closed.  NHA will advertise in Waterbury Republican Newspaper when any waiting lists open. 



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