Zoning Commission

Regular monthly meetings are on the third Wednesday of every month in the Hall of Burgess at the Town Hall at 6:00 pm unless otherwise noted. 

Agendas and Minutes can be located here




William A. Stopper (D)  chairman, bstpr@comcast.net

Richard W. Cool Sr. (R)  vice chairman, rick.cool@adtechsystems.com

Neil Mascola (D)  regular member, mcherrys@aol.com
April L. Slauson (R)  secretary, Jagger1943@aol.com
Wendyann C. Fowler (R)  regular member, Wendyann.fowler@ashcroft.com


Linda Anderson (R), Lindylou@yahoo.com
George Amanze Williams (D)  alternate member, amanzewilliams@yahoo.com
Caroline J. Hennessey (R)  alternate member, noonwoermer@scbglobal.net

Patrick J. Scully (D)  burgess liaison, PScully@naugatuck-ct.gov
Kathleen L. Donovan (D)  burgess liaison, KDonovan@naugatuck-ct.gov