Aetna Street Even Rubber Avenue to Goodyear Avenue
Anderson Street Odd Washington Street to Spring Street
Beebe Street Even Entire length
Bradley Street Both Entire length
Brennan Street Even Entire length
Cedar Street Even Entire length (this is the north side)
Carol Street Even Entire length 
City Hill Street Even High Street to City Hill Court
Cliff Street Odd Fairview Avenue to 153 Cliff Street
Even Aetna Street to 150 Cliff Street
Coen Street Even Entire length
Crown Street Odd Entire length
Culver Street Even Hill Street to Hillcrest Avenue
Curtiss Street Even Entire length
Dunn Avenue Even Entire length
Fairview Avenue Even Pleasantview Street to Southview Street
Frederick Street Even Entire length
George Street Even Entire length
Golden Hill Extension Odd Entire length
Golden Hill Street Even Entire length
Goodyear Avenue Even Entire length
Gorman Street Even Entire length
Greenwood Street Even Entire length
Grove Street Even Park Avenue to May Avenue
High Street Even Oak Street to Carroll Street
Highland Avenue Even Entire length
Hillside Avenue Odd Sweeney Street to Elmwood Street
Lewis Circle Odd Entire length
Manners Avenue Even Entire length
Maple Street Even Carroll Street to Maple Terrace
Maple Terrace Even Entire length
Marshall Avenue Odd Entire length
May Avneue Even New Street to Millville Avenue
Miller Driver Odd Debbie Lane to Cul De Sac
Millville Avenue Even In Front of West Hill Apartments/Condos
Morning Dove Road Odd Horton Hill Road to Red Robin Road
Myrtle Avenue Both Entire length
Neagle Street Both Entire Length
New Street Even Park Avenue to Salem Street
Nixon Avenue Odd Entire Length
North Main Street Even Orchard Street to Curtiss Court
Odd Orchard Street to Union Street
North Spring Street Even 344 Only
Oak Street Odd High Street to Coen Street
Even Maple Street to Cemetary Wall
Olive Street Even Entire Length
Orchard Street Even Entire length
Orchard Terrace Even Entire length
Park Avenue Odd Millville Avenue to New Street
Pond Street Even Entire legth
Rockwell Avenue Even Entire length
Salem Street Even Rockwell Avenue to New Street
School Street Even Anderson Street to Crystal Room driveway
Scott Street Even Cherry Street to Melbourne Street
South View Street Odd Entire length
Svea Avenue Even Entire length
Sweeney Street Even Entire length
Tolles Square Odd Entire length
Walnut Street Odd Highland Avnue to Sweeney Street
Odd Millville Avenue to Grove Street
Ward Street Odd Entire length
Washington Street Even Entire length
West Street Even Entire length
Wood Street Odd Entire length
Woodbine Street Even Albert Street to Lines Hill Street
Woodlawn Avenue Odd From Millville Avenue to Grove Street