Mailbox Repair Policy


Borough of Naugatuck


Effective Date: 12-18-09


Responsibility - The Department of Public Works shall be responsible for the repair of mailboxes and posts only if the mail box has been damaged by a Borough vehicles or plow actually leaving the road and making contact with the box or post causing damage.  The Borough of Naugatuck will not  replace a mailbox if it is struck by a plow because it was constructed without adequate clearance from the edge of the road. Mail boxes must be located at least six inches from the edge of the road.


The Borough of Naugatuck will not be responsible for mailboxes damaged by flying snow and/or ice from plows while performing road clearing activities. The Town will also not be responsible for damage to mailboxes and posts that are rotted, rusted or improperly constructed. It is the responsibility of property owners to install and maintain mail boxes and posts in a condition that can withstand flying snow and ice.


Upon request, the Department of Public Works will review the damage and perform warranted repairs. 


Mail box repairs or replacements will be made using standard pressure treated wood posts and standard metal box. Expensive decorative mail boxes that are damaged and for some reason cannot be replaced with a standard box and post will be referred to the Borough of Naugatuck‚Äôs insurance carrier.   


Any unresolved complaints can be referred to the Street Commission.