Naugatuck School Readiness

The Naugatuck School Readiness Council is notifying our community of a Request For Proposals regarding the Connecticut School Readiness program. Any center-based pre-school in the area of Naugatuck may complete the RFP. The RFP is available on Naugatuck’s town website,, or contact Naugatuck’s School Readiness Liason Jill Mahoney at or 203-729-1564 for details. 

The CT School Readiness program offers an opportunity for preschool sites to receive funding for eligible children, however the program must comply with requirements outlined in the grant application (RFP). The goal of the School Readiness program is to improve access to quality preschool programs at the local level. Expanded access to quality preschool programs helps our students prepare for the elementary school years, and can impact learning and achievement for a lifetime. Contact Jill Mahoney or the Naugatuck School Readiness Council for further details.


NAUGATUCK SCHOOL READINESS GRANT PROGRAM - please click here for a downloadable pdf that contains the Naugatuck School Readiness Grant Program RFP