7/10/2012 - Plan of Conservation and Development Update

What is the Plan of Conservation and Development and Why Update It?

A Plan of Conservation and Development (POCD) is a statement of the collective dreams, goals, and policies of a community for its future. It is also a review of natural, physical, social, and economic conditions in the community today and a look at any issues it is facing. Considering this, it also includes a set of recommended actions to address those issues and move the community forward in achieving its goals. As such, a POCD becomes a decision-making tool or advisory document, not only to the Planning and Zoning Commissions, but also to all other Town boards and commissions and Borough residents as well.

The last POCD for the Borough of Naugatuck was completed in 2001. Connecticut statutes require that each municipal POCD be reviewed at least every ten years. This mandate prompted this planning effort. Yet, not only is it time for an update, according to State requirements, but more importantly, this is an opportunity for the community to revisit the overall direction for the Borough laid out in 2001 and to decide if you want to adjust that for the coming decade.

The purpose of this POCD update is, therefore, to update the 2001 plan by examining changes in community conditions, developing a vision statement for the community for the future, and articulating goals, policies, and actions to be undertaken to lead the Borough towards realizing the vision over the next decade. The technical approach to this plan update is to conduct a visioning process and SWOT analysis. This means, the project consultant, Fitzgerald & Halliday, Inc. will reach out to Borough residents, businesses, and its workers to find out what you think the Borough should become in the future. They will, at the same time, evaluate the Borough’s strengths (S), weaknesses (W), opportunities (O) and threats (T) [SWOT] and then make recommendations for how to move the Borough in the direction the community wants it to go.


For questions and comments about the POCD update please contact:

Keith Rosenfeld, Town Planner

Phone: 203-720-7042

Email: krosenfeld@naugatuck-ct.gov


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