Emergency Management

NEMHS is responsible for maintaining a local emergency plan which maximizes survival of people, prevents and/or minimizes injuries, and preserves property and resources in the Borough of Naugatuck by making use of all available manpower, equipment, and other resources in the event of a natural, man-made, or national security emergency/disaster. The emergency plan also provides for direction, and control and the continuity of government in disaster situations. Deputy Director Ken Hanks is also the chairman of the Naugatuck Emergency Management Advisory Council. The director monitors and maintains radio communication with all Naugatuck Emergency Services to assure timely response to emergency situations:

The NEMHS director is also responsible for recruiting, training, and maintaining the Community Emergency Response Team. CERT is a volunteer organization comprised of citizens trained to assist their community in time of natural and/or man-made disasters.

Naugatuck Office of Emergency Management & Homeland Security (NEMHS)