Joint Boards of Mayor and Burgesses and Board of Finance

Regular monthly meetings are on the second Tuesday of each month in Commissioners Corner, Town Hall at 7:00 pm unless otherwise noted. 

Agendas and Minutes can be located here:    



Mayor: N. Warren "Pete" Hess III (D) -

Deputy Mayor: Laurie Taf-Jackson (D) -

Robert Neth (R) -

Dorothy Hoff (R) -

Carl J. Herb (D) -

Robert J. Burns (D) -

Rocky Vitale (D) -

Mike Bronko (R) -

Jack DeOliveira (R) -

Donald Wisniewski (R) -


Finance Board


Daniel Sheridan Jr. (R) Chairman,

Diane Scinto (R) Vice Chairperson, 
Andrew Bottinick (R) Regular Member,
Visar Tasimi (D) Regular Member,
Joseph Savarese (D) Regular Member, 
Sara Euvino (D) Regular Member,
Robert P. Burke (D) Regular member, 
Seth Bronko (R) Alternate member,
Alexander Olbrys (R) Alternate member,

Mayor N. Warren “Pete” Hess (D),



Vacancy (R) Alternate member
Gino Andreozzi (R) Alternate member,
Vacancy (R) Alternate member

Robert A. Neth (R) Burgess Liaison,
Donald Wisniewski (R) Burgess Liaison,
Dorothy Hoff (R) Burgess Liaison,
Vacancy (D) Burgess Liaison