Blight Concerns

Chapter 10 Article V Blight and Nuisances Section 10-65 - 10-82 (2) 



Residents who wish to express a Blight concern should include their name, address and a preferred method of communication. While we have no intention of publishing the names of those reporting concerns provided we are not required to do so by the Freedom of Information Act, anonymous communication will be given little to no consideration.

This will provide the Borough with some structure to enforce the ordinance with respect to the most offensive properties. As is common with laws or regulations, the ordinance will be selectively enforced from time to time on a case by case basis. The common theme throughout the Blight and Beautification process has been constructive rather than punitive, and will remain so with regard to the enforcement of the ordinance. There are instances, however, when properties owners who have the means to address blight absolutely refuse to respond to concerns raised by the Borough and/or work toward solutions. It is for these instances that the expedited process authorized by the Blight Ordinance will be used.


Residents wishing to report an instance of extreme blight can contact the Borough in the following way:

  • Phone: 203-720-7208 to reach Ed Carter

  • Regular Mail: Naugatuck Town Hall, Attn: Blight Officer, 229 Church Street, Fourth Floor, Naugatuck, CT 06770